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This is a community for Livejournal users who support President George W. Bush.

This is not a debate community. This community is for Bush supporters who would like a place where they can express their opinions freely without being persecuted by people who disagree. If you join a music community and have a Bush icon, you most likely be attacked by other members. Here, members do not have to worry about that, rather, they can be encouraged that other people are supporting the president as they are.

I screen comments from non-members. I do so because I want to prevent attacks on members as much as possible. This is the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans try to prevent attacks on the nation by passing the Patriot Act, upping immigration security, and pre-emptive attacks. Democrats let attacks occur and then ask "Why?". I don't want to ask "Why?", I just want my members to be safe to express their opinions.

I ban people who are rude to community members. I do not care for vulgar language and hurtful namecalling. I simply won't deal with it. There are better ways to speak your thoughts than to use vulgarity. If you use vulgarity in this community, you will be given a warning and banned if it happens again.

LJ-Cuts = Good! Please use LJ-Cuts when posting more than one image or posting a very long article.

No Off-Topic Posts. Because this is a community dedicated to President Bush's re-election, all posts should be as well. You can talk about other issues, but please try to relate them to President Bush. Pictures or icons relevant to President Bush are welcomed. Posts that are not remotely related to the President will be deleted.

Check out the Memories - For more rules, icons, and info on fellow members!

Moderated by: futuresenator (Please come to my journal if there is a problem.

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