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The Official Campaign to End Gay Marraige - Bush - Cheney 2004
4 More Years
The Official Campaign to End Gay Marraige
I'm from California, and most Californians do not want gay marriage.

"Starting Monday at 5:01 pm, several California counties began issuing same-sex “marriage” certificates. This follows the order of the four Supreme Court judges striking down Proposition 22, which the voters overwhelming approved just a few years ago to reaffirm marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Yet, this debate is not over. Thankfully, the Protection of Marriage Amendment will appear on this November’s ballot. The campaign of the next few months will be our opportunity to remind Californians why the unique role of traditional marriage in society is worth protecting.

The major media would love to see us engage in fierce protests and hostile demonstrations of outrage against the licensing of same-sex “marriages”. Of course they will take any opportunity they can find to portray us as unreasonable. We must not fall into this trap.

So let us keep in mind: Our battle is not against the same-sex couples who are pursuing the opportunity to “marry” granted them by the activist judges on the California Supreme Court. Our battle is against the flawed reasoning of the court’s decision; our purpose is to reaffirm the traditional definition of marriage. Marriage is at the core of family security and is an essential element in our society. The Supreme Court has effectively rendered marriage meaningless at a time when we should be taking steps to strengthen families.

Fortunately, the Protection of Marriage Amendment will give voters the final say in this debate. We are confident that voters will reaffirm the traditional definition of marriage, just as they overwhelmingly did in 2000, and overturn the court’s flawed decision.

To succeed, however, we must raise the funds needed to launch an organized grassroots campaign and purchase statewide TV and radio advertisements urging a “yes” vote on the Marriage Amendment. Please mail a check or donate online today to support our campaign for marriage.

Thank you,

Ron Prentice, Chairman"

We have a strong possibility to put an end to gay marriage and judicial tyranny. But we need your support! Our campaign can take out-of-state donations. This is important because the California State Supreme Court decision is currently recognizing same-sex marriages for out-of-state couples. Please visit this website to see how you can make a difference and pass the word:

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virus_x From: virus_x Date: June 18th, 2008 04:30 am (UTC) (Link)
I second the motion to ban gay marriage. Right now, they're making a big fuss over G. Takei from Star Trek 'getting married', as well as Portia DeRossi and her less than appealing girlfriend. There's got to be a lot of proud parents, out there, right about now.
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