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The President - Bush - Cheney 2004
4 More Years
The President
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janet_byars From: janet_byars Date: January 14th, 2009 04:23 am (UTC) (Link)
I will cry when his helicopter takes off from the White House. I felt the safest I've ever felt in the eight years that he has been in office. I don't know how safe I will be during the new administration. I just await the day America wakes up from this coma that it is in and puts a true conservative back in office. They will realize that they have put not only a man who has not enough experience to even get us by, but also a man who will more than likely dismantle the protections that the Bush administration worked for so long to build. The missile shield consider it gone, the armed forces, so long! Liberal Democrats are all about big government, small armed forces. With the state the world is in, Barack Obama will need to keep the armed forces up, supplied, and PAID, in order for this country to be protected. He needs to take a cue from the previous two administrations. If you have the chance to take out a threat, take it out otherwise something bad will happen. (Clinton's chance with Bin Laden, and not taking it, and 9-11 and the Bush administration's response of the War on Terror.)

Sorry for the long ass comment!
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